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Ducks Whisky List



Glenmorangie 10yo 40% £4.75
Spicy, malty, fruity yet creamy and rounded. Fresh and balanced with quite a long gentle finish

Glengoyne 10yo 40% £4.75
Fruity, clean, fresh. Big bourbon influence which adds creamy flavour, a long rich finish

Dalwhinnie 15yo 43% £5.55
Flawless, very smooth, honey and heather leading to smoky peat and a long finish

Oban 14yo 43% £5.85
Aromatic with a taste of the sea. A delicate start leading to citrus and a smoky dry finish

Glen Deveron 10yo 40% £6.15
Crisp with rich toffee, full of stemmy cut hay notes and soft oak

Dalmore 12yo 40% £6.15
Notes of malt, oranges, espresso with light peat, and a hint of the sea

Glenmorangie Lasanta Sherry Cask 46% £6.15
Deliciously sweet sherry taste with warm spice and chocolate, leading to complex spiced orange

Glenturret 10yo 40% £6.35
Fruity and rich with malted barley and toasted cereal. Sweet and very drinkable

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Port Cask 12yo 46% £6.65
Dark mint chocolate and tangerines, giving way to a spicy finish of pepper and nutmeg

Fidra 21yo Tullibandine 1 of 156 46% ex Bourbon Hogshead £7.95
Rich and malty with vanilla and mixed spices. A long finish with gingerbread and porridge oats to end

Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18yo 43% £9.95
Rich, rounded and sweet with dried fruits a complex floral fragrance with a hint of wood smoke

Glenmorangie 12yo Côte De Beaune Wood Finish 46% £9.95
Refined, sweet and smooth. Notes of damson, apricot, honey, allspice, fruit and barley sugar

Glen Ord 12yo 40% £9.95
A spicy malt, with plenty of sherry influence. Dry yet sweet, a fine example of the Highland style

Brora 30yo 54.3% £65.00
Complex and rich, a fresh and balanced dram that unfolds slowly with a lift of smoke.

“There are two things a Highlander likes naked, and one of them is malt whisky.” 
(Scottish proverb.)


Jura 10yo 40% £5.25
Sweet, dry and malty with hints of salt, fudge and a touch of aniseed. Mellow peat finish with gentle oak

Highland Park 12yo 40% £5.25
A superb whisky, full of flavour with a smoky dryness. Fresh, clean and very aromatic and well-balanced

Talisker 10yo 45.8% £6.15
Full bodied and intense, yet fresh and fragrant. Smoky, peppery, lots of spice and fresh, tangy peat

Highland Park 18yo 43% £7.25
Notes of creamy toffee and honey, yet very dry and full of fruit with cinnamon and allspice

Jura Superstition 43% £9.45
Creamy honey with a salty sting. Typical Jura smoke and heady malt with a hint of white pepper


Bowmore 12yo 40% £5.25
Subtle lemon and honey, balanced beautifully by gentle peaty smokiness and sweet heather honey

Bunnahabhain 12yo 46.3% £5.25
Fresh and gentle but full of flavour – herbal, fruity, sweet and a hint of sherry by the seaside

Tobermory 10yo 46.3% £5.45
Light, fresh and soft, quite dry with a long sweet finish. Notes of dried fruit, honey and soft smoke

Caol Ila 12yo 43% £5.75
Spicy, vanilla, nutmeg, wet grass, smoky, oily, cigars, hickory, pepper, warming – we’re talking complex

Laphroaig 10yo 40% £5.75
Big smoky peat, with classic iodine, medicinal and seaweed flavoursleading to an upsurge of spices

Ardbeg 10yo 46% £6.00
Sweet vanilla beginnings, leading to citrus fruit and saltiness, ending with a surge of smoke.

The Bass 12yo Bowmore 1 of 326 46% ex Bourbon Hogshead £6.50
Beautiful coastal notes with gentle peat, balanced with delicate floral elements

Bowmore 15yo Darkest 43% £6.75
Delicious dark chocolate, treacle toffee, sun-dried fruits and a wisp of Islay smoke.

Lagavulin 16yo 43% £7.40
Powerful and very distinctive. A massive mouthful of malt and sherry with good fruity sweetness


Springbank 10yo 46% £6.00
Fabulous balance of sweet and dry, exotic fruit, citrus and smoke, rish peat and a hint of the sea

Longrow Red 11yo 52.1% £7.25
Sweet to start with soft fruit. citrus and peat. A light touch of spice gives a very rewarding dram.

Springbank 21yo 46% £32.00
So much going on here, heather, plums and peach, quite dry but with hints of honey and oak.


Aberlour 10yo 40% £4.25
Aromatic, clean, peppery and sweet! Quite full-bodied, spicy rich fruitcake, creamy caramel and honey

Glenlivet 12yo 40% £4.35
A classic. Flowery, peppery, spicy and dry yet still sweet. Creamy vanilla with a touch of aniseed and oak

Balvenie 12yo double wood 40% £6.00
Bourbon then Sherry casks give gentle spice with a little vanilla, a balancing dry peat beautifully warming

Glenfiddich 12yo 40% The world’s most award winning malt £4.95
Matured in both bourbon and sherry oak casks. Distinctive fresh pear and subtle oak flavours

Cragganmore 12yo 40% £4.95
Delicate, clean, floral and herby, yet firm and smooth. Heather, honey, nutty and smoky, with good length

Glenfarclas 10yo 40% £5.00
Firm, crisp and dry, with lots of developing flavours – sherry, honey, toffee, malt, winter spice and smoke

Macallan Gold 40% Jerez Sherry Oak Cask £5.25
A fresh lemon and orange citrus nose with vanilla followed by dark chocolate, with hints of ginger and spice

Singleton 12yo 40% £5.25
Orange zest spiciness perks up a malty core of nuts, oak and toffee, hints of cut grass

Knockando 12yo 43% £5.25
Sweet and aromatic, creamy light and smooth. Delicate and fruity with a hint of almonds and toffee

Glen Grant 10yo 40% £5.80
Perfect for the beginner. Vanilla, toffee apple, a hint of gentle peat smoke quickly turning nutty and dry

Longmorn 15yo 45% £5.95
One of Speyside’s finest malts, fresh clean and fruity

Glenfarclas 15yo 46% £6.75
Intense, complex and rounded. More fruit cake than whisky – sherry, raisins, orange peel, walnuts and dates

Mortlach 16yo 43% £6.95
A full flavoured malt, smoke, peat, fruity with sherry notes

Balvenie 15yo single barrel oak cask 1 of 350 47.8% £6.95
Lively, with juicy ripe citrus fruit, peppery and so much more, very dry

Glenfiddich 15yo 40% Solera Vat Oregon Pine Tun £6.95
Creamy smooth, nutty, with grass and peat

Carn mor Mortlach 16yo 46% £6.95
A limited edition malt with hints of allspice, orange peel and dried herbs all softened by honey

Craigleith 20yo Aberlour 1 of 166 46% ex Bourbon Hogshead £7.45
Awash with red and green apples! Add more fruit, leather, spice, chocolate and salted caramel to finish

Glenfarclas 21yo 43% £9.75
Extremely smooth, spice and fruit, lots of sherry sweetness, barley and perfume with a little oak

Glenfiddich 21yo 40% Caribbean Rum Cask £12.85
An intense and vanilla sweet aroma, floral with a soft, lively taste with lime, ginger and spice.

Glenfarclas 25yo 43% £13.95
Sherry, butter, hazelnuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate release slowly to a dry oaky and complex finish

Glenfarclas 30yo 43% £16.95
An extraordinarily deep spirit, warm and rich leaving a lingering fruit and nut chocolate feel on the palate

Macallan 18yo 43% ex sherry cask £17.95
Dried spices and fruit, with hints of citrus and cloves. Full and lingering with sweet toffee and wood smoke

Glenfarclas 40yo 46% £36.35
About as rich and intense as you can find. Very complex and rich with waves of sweet sherry,
chocolate orange, marmalade, butterscotch, molasses and just a whisper of pepper


Glenkinchie 12yo 43% Our local distillery £5.85
A hint of calvados soft spicy and fragrant, honey creeps in with gentle warmth

Loch Lomond 40% £5.25
A light malt, sweet and fruity. Quite a long finish, and full of cereal notes

Auchentoshan 12yo 40% £6.55
Smooth and sweet with hints of tangerine and lime. Gingery and slightly dry

Auchentoshan three wood 43% £7.25
Perfumy with a delicate interplay of flavours – think liqueur cherries in dark chocolate

It is true that whisky improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it.
(Ronnie Corbett)


Chivas Regal 12yo 43% £4.95
A warming aromatic infusion of wild herbs, heather, honey and orchard fruits

Snow Grouse 40% £4.95
Served chilled. Initial scents of vanilla, ginger, and peach. Light and fruity with a touch of allspice

Black Grouse 40% £4.95
Black Grouse is peaty and quite smoky. A rummy sweetness, giving caramel and spice

Johnnie Walker Red Label 40% £5.40
Intense, spicy, zingy flavours with the freshness of aromatic spices and a long, lingering, smoky finish

Johnnie Walker Black label 12yo 40% £5.50
Silky and sublime stuff. Gentle smoke with a suggestion of apple pie and delicate spice

Old Course 12yo 40% the official malt of “The Old Course” £5.75
Matured in Chenin Blanc casks, so floral and lightly fruity with aniseed and aromatic spices

Isle of Mull 40% £5.95
A smooth, buttery, rich blend with hints of apple crumble.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Centenery Blend 18yo 40% £12.95
Honey, mild citrus and cherry with sherry influences. This has a very luxurious feel and taste

Royal Salute Chivas 21yo Sapphire Flagon 40% £14.95
Beautiful balanced, creamy and rich with soft spice and a little honey, leading to a soft smoky finish

“Friendship is like whisky, the older, the better.”


1.165 Coquettish, intriguing, enticing seductive (Speyside) £5.50
10yo 1 of 243 58.4% ex bourbon 1st fill barrel

30.74 Sweet fruity and rich (Speyside) £5.50
11yo 1 of 767 60.3% ex port pipe

48.34 In a sweetie shop (Speyside) £5.50
9yo 1 of 227 63.3% ex bourbon refill barrel

9.67 Grannys kitchen dram (Speyside) £6.20
10yo 1 of 225 59.7% ex bourbon 1st fill barrel

72 .23 Complexity well beyond its age (Speyside) £6.50
8yo 1 of 144 58.1% ex white wine hogshead

33.121 Barbecued pork on rosemary skewers (Islay) £6.90
8yo 1 of 243 59% ex bourbon 1st fill barrel

53.173 Glowing embers on the tongue (Islay) £7.50
16yo 1 of 540 59.8% ex sherry refill butt

35.75 Victorian walled garden in Las Vegas (Speyside) £7.50
17yo 1 of 206 57.9% toasted and seasoned hogshead

53.163 A Sporting Dram (Islay) £7.95
15 yo 1 of 271 57.5% ex bourbon refill hogshead

4.168 Gunpwder, treason and plot (Island) £8.00
15yo 1 of 804 57% ex sherry refill gorda

44.55 Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason (Speyside) £8.50
22yo 1 of 288 52.9% ex bourbon refill hogshead

50.50 Conifers, grasses and flowers (Lowland) £8.50
22yo 1 of 122 54.1% ex bourbon refill barrel

3.195 Cigar smoking dragon (Islay) £8.50
14yo 1 of 609 58.5% ex sherry butt 2nd fill

G7.3 Fresh toffee and glossy magazines (Single cask grain) £8.90
27yo 1 of 234 59.4% ex bourbon refill hogshead

29.134 Nurses and Doctors attend a beach BBQ (Islay) £8.90
17yo 1 of 230 61.5% ex bourbon refill barrel

26.89 An exotic tearoom experience (Highland) £10.50
27yo 1 of 485 56.6% ex sherry refill butt

84.15 An apple a day (Speyside) £10.95
11yo 1 of 217 56.4% ex bourbon refill barrel

1.173 A Fascinating Waltz (Speyside) £11.00
19 yo 1 of 223 55.2% ex Bourbon refill hogshead

36.60 Highland drams & daisy meadows (Speyside) £11.00
23yo 1 of 360 52.2% ex bourbon refill hogshead

124.3 All the complexities of summer (Japan) £13.50
13yo 1 of 509 61.9% ex sherry refill butt

35.71 Like a hug from your mum (Speyside) £33.50
40yo 1 of 222 47.7% ex bourbon refill hogshead


Jamesons 40% £4.45
The perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness

Connemara 40% £4.95
A unique peated whiskey, very drinkable and sweet, but with plenty of soft peat


Jim Beam 40% £3.20
Made to the same formula since 1795, with gentle vanilla and a little spice and pepper

Jack Daniels 40% £3.50
Smooth smoky sweetness and liquorice leads to vanilla, toasted oak, fresh brewed coffee and toffee

Knob Creek 9yo 50% £5.00
Good balanced flavour, filled with spice, oak, caramel, vanilla, candied fruit and a nice sweetness

Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve 43.2% £5.65
Full of flavour, with honey, spice, vanilla, leather, a touch of cocoa, smoke and a little rum

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” 
― Mark Twain


Canadian Club 40% £3.95
Scents of barley sugar and aniseed, cut grass and fennel. Sweet with notes of winter spice, and rum

Crown Royal 40% £4.65
Vanilla, caramel and lemon zest. A dash of water brings out chocolate and dark fruit


Berneroy Calvados Fine 40% £4.50
Berneroy Fine is a beautiful Calvados with notes of fresh apples and buttery, creamy vanilla


Janneau VSOP £5.65
Aged for at least 7 years in Montlezun oak this has a smooth, aromatic style

Clos Martin XO Folle Blanche 15yo £7.65
The Folle Blanche grape is known for its elegance and piquancy. This was aged for 15 years,
and offers a great flavour of stewed fruits, cigar boxes and plums.


Hine Rare VSOP £4.50
A terrific and approachable cognac, smooth and fruity, with a hint of spices.

Courvoisier VSOP £5.65
A warm and delicate Cognac, A complex aroma of spice and oak, with almonds, vanilla and floral notes

Hine 1987 £9.50
Maturing in chalk cellars for a minimum of 20 years makes for a delicate, refined drink. displaying
light floral and fruity aromas with subtle hints of wood

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