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North Berwick Gin

NB Gin


North Berwick Gin

NB Gin is a new local Gin on the market just under 12 months now and comes from North Berwick, East Lothian so less than 10 miles from Ducks in Aberlady. This amazing drink was created by Steve and Viv Muir who aimed to make a quality prouduct to the area which they have done not just locally but already nationally.

The Gin itself is designed with a bespoke and traditional style with the aim of creating a truly great Gin with no compromise given. Even their custom built still adds to their aim for tradition and being unique.  The still itself was actually installed in North Berwick by the oldest installation company in the world.

Since its arrival at Ducks its become a major talking point between both locals and tourists alike. Personally I think its a great Gin to both drink and as a cocktail Gin due to its quality taste as well as not being over infused or perfumed like many others on the market currently.

Served simply over ice with a small splash of tonic is the ideal serve for this but traditionalists can add lime without losing its edge and the more modern may enjoy adding Rose Lemonade! All these serves are available at Ducks as well as NB Gin being my house Gin on the current Cocktail Menu.

So the only question is simply when are you coming to see me at Ducks to enjoy and discuss further?

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