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Gin Smash (cocktail of the week)



Gin Smash (cocktail of the week) – As our menu continues into its 2nd month we felt the need to introduce you all to 1 of the most popular choices over the debut month. The Gin Smash is almost the Eton Mess of the cocktail world however is fast becoming the preferred cocktail of choice in East Lothian with high sales and twice being the selection of restaurant reviews this month at Ducks!!! Smash almost plants the seed of ‘made by accident’ just like many of the great classis.  The combination of NB Gin, Elderflower, Mint and Fresh Lime means it hits a variety of taste buds but delivers a perfect taste and refreshes like no other. So to the ‘accident of creation’, well as many cocktail fans know the majority of cocktails are strained so any ice and fruit is removed prior to serving to give a look and taste of perfect mixology or cocktails to you and I.  However during a training session with staff this fine creation was poured fully into the glass, no straining whatsoever, oops,  but upon tasting was deemed to be exactly right and gave the appearance of the very well known ‘Mojito’; so the Gin Smash was born! Soon you too will hopefully being enjoying a Smash at Ducks, simply a must on a sunny day!

50ml – NB Gin
15ml – Elderflower Cordial
10 Fresh Mint Leaves
1 Fresh Lime cut into quarters and lightly squeezed
10ml – Mint Syrup

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