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drink of the week

Ducks Drinks of the week.


drink of the week

Cocktail of the week –  Mafia Martini

An unusal Rum based cocktail which has proven to be very successful at Ducks is the almost multi-sexual Mafia Martini….Multi sexual???? simply meaning this Cocktail haswon the admiration of both males aswell as the more expectant female fans. So what is the ‘Mafia’ then?? well simply the base is a Golden Rum which instantly gives a variety of flavour which complements the Chambord with its dark raspberry flavour, finished with fresh Apple juice means this Martini almost belongs in the heart of an orchard. The beauty of the drink comes through on its ungarnished appearance as the various ingredients at first make the drink very cloudy then within 20 seconds the haze lifts to produce a sublime cocktail.


Spirit of the Week – Woodford Reserve

Making its return to the shelf at Ducks, Woodford is one of the finest Bourbons on the market and a massive favourite of our Cocktail team. The beauty of this product is firstly the fact it hand crafted and not manufactured like many others on the market these days.Secondly its appearance is lovely and clean with a brilliant honey amber colour. For flavour this is quite a busy drink with various hints of vanilla, orange, mint and dried fruits all this with a taste which resembles citrus, toffee and cinamon. This drink is superb either on its own, served with cola and as previously stated superb in a Cocktail if you believe in mixing such a quality drink…..


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