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Ducks Cocktail Menu
This month sees a few variations on the cocktails we will be showcasing at this event.. Our in- house favourites such as French, Espresso, Banoffi and Mafia Martini’s all stay along with our very popular Dirty Secret.. This month also sees 5 new Cocktails added which include a preview of our Christmas special ‘Mini Alexanders’ which is a spin on the classic Brandy Alexander with Hine Cognac. Adding a bit more fun to the presentation off some Cocktails will be the introduction of Milk Bottles but to find out more you need to come along and find out more. As well as individual Cocktails this event will see sharing jugs added to the menu which are all very tempting and refreshing.

Current Classics                                                                                    All £5

  • French Martini – Chambord,Vodka,Pineapple
  • Espresso Martini – Espresso,Vodka,Kahlua
  • White Lady – Gin, Cointreau,Lemon,Egg White
  • Amaretto Sourz – Amaretto,Lemon,Egg White
  • Dirty Secret – Midori,Amaretto,Cranberry
  • Mafia Martini – Chambord,Golden Rum,Apple Juice
  • Banoffi Martini – Creme Banane,Vanilla Vodka,Butterscotch,Double Cream
  • Gin Smash – NB Gin,Elderflower,Mint,Gomme,Lime

Bartenders Specials                                                                            All £5

  • Woodford Crush– Woodford Reserve,Archers,Lemonade,Lime
  • Turquoise Blue – Bacardi,Malibu,Blu Curacao,Pineapple,Double Cream
  • Rum Float – Morgans Spiced Rum,Bacrdi,Ice Cream,Milk
  • Chocolate Duck – Mozart Liquer,Cocao Brun,Vanilla Vodka,Cream
  • Mini Alexanders – Hine Cognac,Cocao Brun,Double Cream,Nutmeg

Bartenders Cocktail Shots                                                                 All £2
Are you brave enough to ask???? Bartenders choice only!!!!


N.B. Lemonade – NB Gin,Fentimens Rose Lemonade,Orange     £15

Kir Royale – Chambord,Prosecco,Raspberry Puree                          £17.50

Strawberry + Kiwi Cooler – Vodka,Framboise,Strawberries,Kiwi,Lemonade
Passion on the Coast – Vodka,Archers,Cranberry,Fentimens Orange
Both £12.50

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