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Having only just arrived at Ducks it didn’t take me long to notice there was something missing from this amazing country almost quirky but boutique style hotel…amazing host, amazing layout, great facilities, very talented kitchen however Cocktails were very limited  and almost unheard off!!

However i quickly decided a revamp was required and soon set about reigniting the passion with talk of old style classics as well as adding my own modern twist to them and others. So with staff and management all on board with the concept the planning begun. Classics versus Modern is always a challenge i face at these times however basic principles need to be followed Who, Where and When??? Who will drink them, Where will they come from and when do they plan to come???

So firstly i considered the ultimate classics so Cosmopolitan, French Martini and Mojito instantly were scribbled at the top, other classics will be done upon request but my 3 page menu needs to be different to most so only the favorites made the print. Secondly you need a ‘signature’ something that symbolizes the the Fuzzy Duck was born out of an old Classic..a bit like Malcolm for those on 1st name terms with the hotel owner!!

For those following up my previous competition success the check out my version of the ‘Disaronno Sourz’ or my own creations ‘Dirty Secret’ and ‘Mafia Martini’ All in all i have plumped for a 25 drink selection for the 1st edition of Cocktails at Ducks so feel free to pop down and check out my delights and hopefully we can find 1 you love….keep following my personal blog as soon i will be telling off my future plans, cocktail evenings, local produce in my Cocktails as well as coming soon Cocktail Masterclasses with myself

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